November 23-27 of 2020

Institut Pasteur of Montevideo

Montevideo – Uruguay


The workshop in Advanced Microscopy and Biophotonics is dedicated to disseminate cutting-edge technology and advanced methods in fluorescence microscopy and biophotonics.

The target audience includes postgraduate students, postdocs, and academics from all Americas with a background in the fundamentals of fluorescence microscopy, seeking to learn about recent advances in the combination of spectroscopy with fluorescence microscopy.

In the course, we will cover the fundamentals of advanced instrumentation and methods, such as FCS, FLIM, Hyperspectral imaging, Super-resolution, Non-linear microscopy, Deep tissue imaging, light-sheet microscopy, among others.

Due to the global COVID19 outbreak, this year the workshop will be held as a virtual course. The course is organized with lectures of fundamentals (40+5 min), application talks (20+5 min), and an optional advanced section for a virtual practical section (two section 2hs/each) and e-poster. This last section is restricted to 20 students and will be given on the last day. The lectures will be given in English.

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2nd Annual Workshop on Advanced Microscopy and Biophotonics

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